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We began our research and development in 2013, and now we develop and produce solutions for Smart Home and IoT. Together with our team of professional developers, we work closely with leading telecommunications brands. This allows our customers to make their lives more comfortable, easy and safe.

Complete Sensor Kit for Smart Home:

  • Smart Gateway
  • Motion Detector
  • Water Sensors
  • Smoke Detector
  • Video Camera
  • Alarm
  • Door/Window Sensors
  • Smart Lighting
  • Rainbow Bulb
  • Power Meter
  • Sence Switch
  • Temperature
  • Humidity


Smart Home constantly monitors and regulates all the parameters and events in the house.

Using this technology, you will definitely save on heating and electricity due to the optimal use of resources (save our planet, and help it to survive!).

Smart Home knows how to properly heat your apartment, and also remembers your habits and daily routine — everything will be done in the best possible way.


Video monitoring systems, motion sensors, sound alerts, and access control.

Energy management

Smart sockets and wall switches, light sensors and network load sensors.

More devices

Temperature and humidity sensors, water leak sensors, signal amplifier etc.



Development of software for the Smart Home systems (server platforms and mobile applications)


System integration and interaction of Smart Home with third-party platforms


Design and installation of the Smart Home systems; mounting and configuration of equipment, taking into account all the client’s wishes


Realization of automation of any building (apartment, house, office) will allow you to significantly simplify the management of all types of electrical equipment and engineering systems in your house, as well as make it more convenient and comfortable. Centralization of control gives you the possibility to fully control the automation process using a single control panel, which receives all the information about the system’s operational status.

Easy access


Control all your sensors via mobile app. This allows you to easily monitor and control all your devices remotely. Notifications will help to receive information about all actions inside your Smart Home just in time.

iOS application
Android application

One Hub for several users

One Hub (Gateway) can be used by several people. The administrator individually sets all the necessary rights for each user.

You can control the Hub and receive notifications not only via mobile devices, but also through your Web browser!