About Us


Your Smart Home Life

We are an innovative company in the area of design and manufacture of building management and safety systems.

Our main product

Our Smart Home management system is a full-featured ecosystem designed to protect your home and property.

Design and Installation of Smart Home Systems

The company’s headquarters and R&D center are located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Here our highly qualified specialists give an answer to the question of which devices of the IoT world will solve the problems of people’s safety in the near future, as well as satisfy the need of society for a sense of security. Here we test our devices, as well as develop all the necessary software for them. Our developments are subordinated to a clear system: all devices are created within a single platform and form a single ecosystem.


Our company develops software for Smart Home systems (server platforms and mobile applications). We began research and development in 2013. With our team of professional developers, we began to work closely with leading telecommunications brands. It allows our customers to make their lives more comfortable, easy and safe.


Ensuring security in every home and office, providing opportunities to optimize the cost of electricity, lighting, heating, as well as gas and water supply.

Customer satisfaction is at the very top of our mission, and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them with an exceptional result.

Our business is growing by attracting customers; their trust and respect is our main goal.

System integration of Smart Home with third-party platforms

Open standards and platforms will make intelligent technologies as user-friendly as possible. That’s why our company has developed a modular and expandable smart home system, allowing connection of compatible third-party devices.

Using the SmartHome application, users will be able to control all the sensors and devices connected to their hub. Simply press only one button to set the corresponding scenario for the smart home operation: Abroad, Home, Away or Night.


Our company makes wholesale supplies of equipment for Smart Home systems. Ask us any question about the wholesale supply and you’ll receive:

Personal manager

Our manager will help you to assemble a set of equipment for video surveillance, fire alarm and other systems, place an order and delivery, and prepare all the necessary documents.

Installation and configuration of equipment

At your request, our engineers will carry out all the necessary work on the installation and configuration of equipment with high quality, always in time.

Convenient delivery

The possibility to get the goods with delivery makes your purchase easy and convenient, because you can save your time and resources.

Favorable prices

For you, there are special conditions — the more you buy the better is the price.