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Smart Home is a new standard of comfort

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For those who have never come across the concept of “smart home”, this wonderful system of management of all household processes will surely become a fascinating tale. But home automation technologies have long gone beyond fiction, becoming a part of our daily life. This fact is indicated by prices of smart homes, which are very close to financial capabilities of ordinary buyers.

For many, the idea of Smart Home is associated only with George Jetson and his futuristic residence, or perhaps with Bill Gates, who spent over $ 100,000,000 for his smart home. However, today smart homes along with the home automation become more common and affordable, and soon enough there will be a full-scale consumer trend.

What is Smart Home?

At first we need to clarify what a smart home is. In general, it’s a network of equipment that integrates a monitoring device. The management of this wireless web is carried out either directly from the console or from the owner’s smartphone or tablet. What seemed to be a miracle and an obscure image of the future now becomes just another side of everyday life for ordinary consumers.

Many well-known technology companies, including Google and Samsung, are actively engaged in the manufacture of home automation products. By 2017, sales of these systems may reach more than 40 billion dollars. This is largely due to the revolutionary success of smartphones and tablets. These ultra-portable computing devices are popular all over the world, and their ability to connect to the Internet all the time means that they can be configured to control many other devices. This concept underlies the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things means all the devices that communicate with each other through wireless computer networks. All the electronics in your home, from the refrigerator to the stove, can be affected by this technical development. Most of these electrical appliances can be connected to the home computer network to be controlled by the user, even at a considerable distance. Your smart home will react regardless of whether you have provided a voice command or a signal from a remote control, tablet software or smartphone.

Almost all existing applications are related to lighting control, thermostat control, and home security. In smart homes, such software brings considerable comfort and convenience even to the most demanding user. Moreover, the cost of smart devices is not too different from less intelligent analogues, which means -— why not?