The Rainbow series of wireless light bulbs is based on ZigBee protocol. This device not only saves energy, but can also be configured through a mobile application. Thanks to its simple setup, wireless intelligent setup of tonal lighting can provide you with various mode switches, such as automatic dimming in sleep mode and automatic shutdown at a set time. Due to its special performance, this series of products can be widely used in “smart home”, “smart hotel”, “smart building” systems, etc.

Color palette

1.6 million colors for your mood

Remote setup

Control the lighting through the mobile application

Energy Saving Technologies

The service life of the bulb is 4- 12 thousand hours (from 3 to 4 years)



Power Parameter: AC100 ~ 240V 50Hz / 60Hz
Standby Power Consumption: 6 W
Input Current: 70 mA
Color Rendering Index: CRI 80
Light Stream: 400 lm
Interface: E27
Fire Resistance Rating: UL94 V-0


Management of Smart Home via smartphone and browser.

 Apps & Web Interface

We provide Android and iOS applications to control your Smart Home, as well as a Web version of the client for any browser

Mobile client updates for Android and iOS applications

Free Updates

We provide timely updates for mobile and web clients, as well as server software

Software Integration and Customization


Our developers will help to integrate and configure software for operating and managing the Smart Home system


Set up different scenarios to control your Smart Home. Control scripts through buttons on the device dashboard. Removable battery. Also, customization via mobile app is possible!


Communication Mode: IEEE 802.15.4 (ZIGBEE/SMARTROOM)
Power Parameter: 3V DC
Standby current: <3uA Power Source: CR2450*2, battery Bandwidth: 2,405 ~ 2,480 GHz Distance: 100m Operating temperature: -10 ~ + 45 Celsius degrees Dimensions: 86.8*83*13


Also, pay your attention to these sensors: Embedded Switch, Load Amplifier, Touch Dimmer and Wall Socket! They are no less popular and useful in building your Smart Home.


Embedded Switch

Turns an ordinary wall switch into smart one


Load Amplifier

Controls the lighting at low load power network


Touch Dimmer

Controls the lighting at low load power network


Wall socket

Remote control of power supply to the outlet



1. Support IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee/SmartRoom protocol

2. It monitors the light intensity and transmits the corresponding data to intelligent mobile terminals. You can customize its work in conjunction with automatic curtain, awning, smart bulbs and wall switch

3. Low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental friendliness

Your Smart Home Automation Platform

Our management platform provides its subscribers with a holistic view and control of all devices in their Smart Home: from instruments and security sensors to cameras and power management, including such features as camera viewing, sensor status recording, event notification, automatic scripts, etc.