Up to 4 scenarios

Switch between 1-4 scenarios using a single button

Device management

The remote control can be programmed to control multiple devices for a particular scene or as a single controller for one device

Simplicity and convenience

Easy operation, high portability and easy carrying provides everyday convenience

Wireless remote control based on ZigBee wireless technology
Communication IEEE802.15.4 (ZigBee/SmartRoom)
Password support
Communication distance up to 100 m (visible)
Battery operated



Control system for all the curtains in the house. It can work in conjunction with a light sensor — when the light brightness level exceeds a predetermined value, the application can close the curtains to protect your furniture from strong sunlight./span>

Power parameters: 220V
Load power: 75W
Loading capacity: 100 kg
Opening and closing speed: 20 cm/s
Material and color: PC, White
Fire Resistance Rating: UL94 V-0


Wireless water valve based on ZigBee/SmartRoom technology. It’s mainly used to control the water supply system using a smartphone. It also can be used in conjunction with temperature and humidity sensor. You can also set your own script for the operation of this water valve sensor by setting the schedule, which is especially useful for the watering system of your garden.

Power parameter: 6V
Standby current: <40мА Material and color: PC+ABS, Gray Fire Resistance Rating: UL94 V-2


When there is water leakage, it can be linked with other devices and send warning message, it applies to bathroom, kitchen, balcony

1. Smart water leakage sensor  is wireless design, small size, easy to install
2. Check monitoring data remotely
3. Equipped with high-sensitive water contact probe
4. Real-time detect indoor water leakage and timely alarm
5. Group linkage with relevant smart devices like smart water valve to take timely measures

Communication mode: IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee/smart room)
Power parameter: 3V DC
Standby current: ≤2μA
Power supply: CR2 battery*1
Water height: ≥1mm
Installation method: mobile type
Working temperature/humidity: -10 to +45℃/≤95%RH (non condensing)
Material and color: PC, white
Dimensions (diameter*thickness): 69*29 (mm)
Net weight: 38g
Gross weight: 155g


Power options: 100-240VAC 50 / 60Hz
Standby power consumption: <= 0.5W Wireless distance: 500m (visible) Material and color: PC, White Fire Resistance Rating: UL94 V-0



Metal frame, 2.5D tempered glass, E2C coating
LED matrix screen
Touch control
Screen wake support
Clear beep and light touch vibration
Well suited for HVAC, and allows you to set temperature using intelligent mobile terminals

YSHL develops and manufactures

solutions for Smart Home and IoT

With our strong development team, as well as in close cooperation with leading telecommunications brands, we make the lives of thousands of people more comfortable, easy and safe. We offer you a complete solution for managing your home or office on your smartphone, at any time and from any place./span>

Smart IR Transmitter

Allows you to conveniently control TVs, air conditioners, curtains and other infrared devices through the app. It’s designed to be easily installed and placed on a flat surface like a cabinet.

Wireless IR transmitter is a new product based on ZigBee/SmartRoom protocol. It converts ZigBee/SmartRoom wireless signals to infrared wireless signals.

Enjoy your comfort

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